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Swedish Historical Photos
(John Erik Forsgren)

The Forsgrens: first members in Sweden

John Erik Forsgren, left, Peter Adolph Forsgren, below left, and Christina Erika Forsgren Davis, below

John Erik Forsgren was born in Gävle Nov. 7, 1816, went to sea at about nine years old and was baptized by LDS missionaries in Boston July 16, 1843. The next year he moved to Nauvoo and later became the only Scandinavian in the Mormon Battalion.

He returned to Sweden in 1849 and baptized his brother Peter Adolph July 19, 1850 and his sister Christina Erika Aug. 4 that year. All three emigrated to Utah 1852-1853 and settled in Brigham City. Christina married William Davis, the first bishop of Brigham City in 1854.

Thanks to Lisa Forsgren Tenney, the great-great-granddaughter of Peter Adolph, for sending these pictures.

(Peter Adolph Forsgren) (Christina Erika Forsgren Davis)

Visit to Skönabäck

A visit made around 1910 to Skönabäck near Ystad, where Anders Winberg organized a branch of the church in 1853.

Front row, l to r: Elders Dan A. Svensson and Bengt Johnsson
Middle row: Church historian Andrew Jensen, Clara Lundberg and Nanna Persson of Malmö
Rear: Malmö district president Albert Capson

Thanks to Donald E. Asp for sending this picture.

(Visit to Skönabäck)

(Presidents Benson, Blomquist and Johansson in Finland)

Presidents Benson, Blomquist and Johansson in Finland

Seated in back: Eben R. T. Blomquist, president of the Swedish Mission as of 1945, and Ezra Taft Benson, president of the European Mission
Standing at left: C. Fritz Johansson, president of the Swedish Mission before Blomquist

This is a taxi in Åbo (Turku), on the southwest coast of Finland. Thanks to Donald E. Asp for sending this picture.

Svartensgatan 3

The Swedish Mission had its headquarters at Svartensgatan 3 in Stockholm from 1904 to 1979, and a branch also met in this building. Note that the name of the church when this photo was taken in 1946 was Jesu Kristi Kyrka av De Sista Dagarnas Heliga.

Left to right: Stockholm branch president Einar Johansson, Eben Blomquist Jr., mission secretary Melvin R. Blomquist, missionary Clifford Johnsson (standing in the back), missionary Betty Gene Blomquist, missionary Carl Nordström, Eskilstuna branch president Sigvard Johansson, Ethel E. Blomquist, fältpräst Badger, missionary Rolf Perciwall, mission president Eben R.T. Blomquist, missionary Einar Nordlander, President Ezra Taft Benson (holding hat), missionary Tage Nyman, missionary Elis Pettersson, missionary Magnus Strömberg, Malmö district president Claes E. Pearsson, missionary C. Fritz Johansson, Stockholm district president Georg Lundgren, missionary Gustav Carlsson and missionary Fritz E. Johansson.

Thanks again to Donald E. Asp for sending this picture.

(Mission office on Svartensgatan)
(Pres. Blomquist and family)

Pres. Blomquist and family

Pres. Eben R.T. Blomquist and his family shortly after arriving in Sweden, in the chapel at Svartensgatan 3.

Left to right: Eben Blomquist Jr., Ethel E. Blomquist, Pres. Blomquist, their daughter Betty Gene and their son Melvin.

Thanks to Donald E. Asp for sending this picture which his mother took.